Valérie d. Walker


Valérie d. Walker is a Renaissance Artist, alchemyst, transmedia maker, educator, curator, Indigo Griot, Radio-Wave creatrix & BIPOC Femme Afro-Futuristic transmitter. She holds 5th level Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) & Chado (tea-ceremony) degrees with Urasenke-Kyoto & lifetimes of Indigo knowledge, she landed on Gaia in Honolulu & has traveled the planet in space and time. Valérie holds a degree in EECS from UC-Berkeley and her MFA from NSCAD University.

Valérie’s artwork explores enviro-positive natural dyeing & printing, fibre-based responsive installations, tactile virtual spaces, solar-powered circuits, story-telling, epigenetic memories, environmentally healing studio processes, craft-based techniques, digitalia & imagining, programming, sensoriality, and Afro-Futurism. Her curatorial work examines Diasporiac revelations, Indigi-Queer Black Other Femme representations & Techno-Enviro Moravecian NightMares.

Valérie has over 20+ years of Grrl Powered radio online from her production & hosting of the XX Files Radio show, @Matricules (, Canada's only open-source, feminist digital media art portal. Her installations & dimensional sculptures are exhibited across Canada and the world. Part of the Surrey Art Gallery’s 2017 Ground Signals group exhibition, her recent Richmond No. 3 Road mentoring project, and commissioned work received outstanding reviews.

Valérie returned to the West Coast 6 years ago, after 20 years in Montréal where she taught Techno-Culture, Arts & Gaming (TAG) & Computation Arts in the Fine Arts Faculty of Concordia University. Involved with Studio XX (now Ada-X) for 17 years; Valérie produced & hosted the XX Files Radio show, now in year XXV on CKUT FM & Soundcloud. She has started several alternative, BIPOC, Feminist LGBTQ+ hackerspaces & Alternative & Grrl & Queer Games festivals in Montréal. She teaches InterDisciplinary Foundation Studio, Interactive Wearables, Electronics for Artists, FibreShed Regeneration (TARP) Indigo naturally, Programming for Grrlz with community empowerment centers, and serves on various art juries and the boards of Pride in Art and BLAC. She is an artist in residence at the Malaspina Downtown Printing Studios and has her own bio-fermented natural indigo dye studio in East Vancouver, BC. 

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