Valérie d. Walker in collaboration with Bobbi L. Kozinuk. Featured in HTMiles-11 Festival: Zero Futur(e), 2014. Montreal, Quebec.

At the SOUCCS station, a performance-installation, energy is traded in exchange for a story from the power-needy visitor. Various stories collected are broadcast via a hand-made short-wave FM transmitter in SOUCCS. As Visibly “Different” TransMedia Artists VdW and B. Kozinuk find ideas of access, power, environmental responsibility and digital arts integration into layers of society permeate the modalities, personas, and traces out of which we construct the future. Zero Future means we can define the exchange rate. Phobic tendencies of all kinds provide a leaping off point from which we can (re)create and (re)emphasize alternative modes of representation, creating changes in the steps involved in accessing power, especially in the power structures which used to control us.

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