20th Anniversary XXFiles Poster, 2016.


XX Files Radio Show: Celebrez avec nous, c’est notre 20ieme+ Fete sur les ondes!! (Celebrating 20+ years on Air!)

Short clip from the 20th Anniversary podcast (2016): CKUTArchive

Val TequiiGal aka Valérie d. Walker, the Urbane Dweller (Nnedi Nnebe), Vicky Lee, & new radioPhemmes: Julia Dyck & Tatum Howey 

Studio XX (Now Ada-X) Commissioned Thematic Podcast hosted by VdW: This is how it feels...(to be Alive on the radio). Air date: 4.21.2010

Listen live on Montréal's CKUT 90.3 FM every Wednesday at 11:30 AM EST, or subscribe to iTunes Podcasts.

20th Anniversary Slideshow of the XXFiles Radio Show. Courtesy of VdW. 2016.


About XX Files Radio Show: 

The ffiles or XX Files is an intersectional feminist media collective grounded in community radio. Through innovative programming, the collective produces work that explores our current technological landscape in the broadest sense. Their work reflects an interest in themes that centre around but are not limited to transmission practices, sound healing, electronic music discourse, noise, techno-feminisms, the voice, and much more. They also program and present live audio-visual performances, artist talks, pirate radio installations and DJ sets.

For more information, please visit our website: XXFiles

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